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Benjamin Chinery – Trumpeter and brass teacher in the North East.

Ben regularly performs for weddings, concerts, musical productions, funerals and fundraising events around the country. His vast experience in many styles of music from Bach to Michael Buble, make him perfect for all your musical needs.





My teaching

As a brass teacher I constantly try to develop a better and more understandable way to pass on my experience so as to inspire would be brass players. I have had over 7 years of experience teaching brass instruments and can take students through the ABRSM syllabus from just starting out to getting into Music College. Not all students have that as their goal but the level required to get in can be achieved by anyone through practice and guidance. Music lessons are tailored carefully to the needs of the student, drawing on their strengths and improving their weaknesses, with both solo and group activities available the student can improve all aspects of their life through music and community involvement. If you are interested in lessons on any Brass instrument whatever your age, then please contact me through this website.



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